Outside or Studio Photography, what’s best

Light is basically the fundamental determinant of the quality of photographs and pictures that one takes. As a result there is often preference to either outdoor or studio photography by different photographers. Sometimes, the choice of where to take a photograph is rather determined by the clients. However, there are several aspects that are all positively related to either outside or studio photography.

In outside photography, there is the ultimate advantage of the natural light with its various sun-rays.
• Natural sunlight is always such an important determinant of outside photography.
• Nature itself provides endless spots and background on which great photos can be taken; indeed many photographers always begin shooting as outside photographers before studio; furthermore, many photographers prefer outside shooting more than studio.
• In outside shooting, there are less associated costs such as the cost of rentals which is often associated with studio photography
Studio shooting on the other hand also has some advantages over outside photography.
• In the studio, light are controlled artificially and can only change if the photographer wants to change it.
• Unlike natural sunlight, light in the studio can be varied depending on the preference of the client or the photographer, and the effects that are desired.
• Some objects are well captured by studio photography than outside photography. Some items such as jewels would make less sense if taken outside on natural background
• Studio shooting is also free from interference of any kind; unlike in outside shooting where bad weather frequently interferes with shooting. There is no interference from wind, sand and dust
Generally, both studio and outside photography are all dependent on light as the fundamental determinant of quality photographs. They both have advantages and disadvantages. The choice of one depends on the desire of the client, the object to be taken photo of, purpose of the photography, costs, preference of the photographer among other factors.

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How to Tackle the Homeless Problem in the UK

Housing spokesperson Andrew Charalambous has his views on this and you can read that particular article by clicking that link.

Homelessness is a global problem shared among countries irrespective of their economic status. This is the same case in the UK as there are many homeless people seeking solutions to get them out of their situation and into decent homes. For this to happen, all UK residents should partake in coming up with new ideas for the betterment of our county.

Adding more Smaller Housing Units
As the UK population continues to rise, construction of both one and two bedroom homes should rise. This is because of the increasing number of single people, students, childless couples and transitory workers in the county.
Increase move on accommodation
Move on accommodation refers to an alternative shelter used by people who have left the UK streets and are in the process of getting a long term place to stay in. Because move on accommodations are few, you will find a lot of permanent accommodation candidates taking up hostel beds which is actually the place where people living in the streets are supposed to abode.
In contrast, by increasing the number of move on accommodation, more street men and women will have a place to sleep in and with time move on to better, more stable accommodations.
Changing the 16hour rule for Hostel residents
The 16 hour accommodation rule has prevented a lot of people from advancing in their pursuit of a stable home and life. In the rule, students studying for more than 16 hours a week are regarded as fulltime students, thus ineligible to full housing benefits. This makes it hard for young homeless students to access education and training that will put them a step closer to getting their lives back on track.
Tackling the problem of homeless individuals is not only about providing them with the necessary food and shelter for the day. It is about impart them with knowledge and support that will enable them to stand on their own feet and finally settle in a place worth calling their own.

You can read more on this social problem at http://www.andrewcharalambous.com and http://www.andrewcharalambous.co.uk

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How To Become An EU Citizen

Citizens of the European Union member countries enjoy various benefits ranging from access to quality medical care using a European Health Insurance Card, to finding cheap travel deals while traveling across Europe just by being in possession of a travel pass. In view of these advantages, it is only reasonable to want to become a citizen and enjoy these and other benefits. Your ancestors can be viewed not just as former pioneers and engineers, as they can be your ticket pass to being an EU citizen. Here are various member countries of the European countries and their regulations of becoming a citizen in each specific country;

  • Ireland; as one of the largest European diaspora, it is no wonder that people from USA, Australia have traces of Irish backgrounds. In case you never knew, if one of your parents were born in the republic then that makes you an Irish citizen further lessening the application process. You will need to provide background information on past generations after filing out a consulate form. You can also use this citizenship to register your kids in future, just as long you acquire citizenship before they are born.
  • The UK; it is common knowledge that England, northern Ireland, Scott and Wales are all part of the UK .Sharing the same currency, prime minister and queen, all the legal procedures are completed using the same consulate. The British stipulate that if you want to apply for citizenship, your parent must be a born-citizen not just by descent. Read about EHIC in UK to know more about getting the health insurance the advnatge of it when traveling in the EU. – https://www.europeanhealthcard.org.uk/
  • Italy; unfortunately laws are a bit stringent here and for some time this nation raised issues about its emigrant obtaining citizenship of a different nation. However, Italy may have similar citizenship requirements with Ireland in which your family tree plays a role in getting the ticket to Europe. You can go back and talk to your grandparents to see if you are eligible.
  • Greece; here is an advantage of being eligible to gaining citizenship just as long as your grandparents were born in Greece. The country is keener on documentation proof so be ready to provide these as you go about in your quest. You need to search for any documents that might help like birth and marriage certificates in municipality councils. You also need to remember that Greece requires all its citizens between ages 19-45 to undergo compulsory military service. This applies to even those with dual citizenship so be ready for this requirement.

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An Important Role Played Hotels And Accommodation In Toursim

In the modern times, the method people invest their trips has undergone an excellent modification. Individuals like to spend great times with family and friend while at the same time exploring different visitor locations around the world. As a result, the tourism industry around the world has seen an unmatched development which then has also led to remarkable growth in the resort as well as accommodation centers.

An Important Role Played Hotels And Accommodation In Toursim

Comfy hotels, as well as lodging facilities, play a crucial function in making favorite any vacationer destination. If a person, who is quite far away from the house, gets to enjoy the same centers as well as conveniences as he delights in at his residence follow travel tips 2016, then he is bound to become affixed to the place. On the other hand, if the tourist ends up at a place where the resorts and holiday accommodation centers are not adequate, it is somewhat likely that he might never return to that area.

Perhaps that is why, hotels and accommodation centers being offered at different vacationers places, have shifted concentrate on providing optimum convenience to visitors at reasonable rates travel around Europe. It is also important to provide comfortable accommodation to individuals with diverse economic histories. While five-star resorts can accommodate the demands of wealthy site visitors, small, as well as variety medium resorts and also lodging houses, are available for use by a middle-class tourist.

Blog evaluations are likewise vital that info roughly all the hotels, as well as lodging centers available in a particular tourist spot, is readily available to people rather easily. For this there can be no better choice compared to the web, as the majority of visitor gain details roughly the resorts and holiday accommodation facilities through this medium just visit places in Britian. The other methods are by making booklets including information about the resorts and also lodging facilities readily available at train and bus terminals.

The information given to the tourists must be detailed as well as correct. It needs to contain the details about room services, kinds of rooms, providing companies, look into times, choice and drop facilities, etc. Extra details roughly the substantial tourist places in the area could also be provided both on the net along with the booklets, to advertise not just the hotel yet the vacationer spot too.

There are numerous websites available on the internet which is based on travel and also tourism. You can become info about resort lodgings, visitors position, as well as company blog site, evaluates view scenes. You need to search these websites making your travel easy as well as strategy things appropriately. Through blog site evaluations you can get the web link to such sites that are genuine and will provide you take a trip plans to several nations. Read these blog site evaluations as well as you will certainly know far better.

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Places to visit in Britain

Britain is a great country, with plenty to see. Not all its attractions are based in London either. Discover the vast history and beautiful architecture and landscapes that Britain has to offer.

  • Stonehenge

In the county of Wiltshire, it is Britain’s oldest and best known pre-historic monument. The rocks were erected in 3100 BC by the Neolithic English. It is a protected world heritage site since 1986.

  • Hadrian’s wall

Am impressive, defensive fortification to protect the town during battle in the roman province of Britannia. It was built in 122 AD by the Emperor Hadrian.

  • Angel of the north visit-britain

It is Britain’s largest sculpture, designed by Sir Antony Gormley in Gateshead, Tyne and Wear. It was built in 1998, it’s made of copper and steel and stands at 20 feet tall. it became on of the most talked about public art displays.

  • Big Ben

Attached to the palace of Westminster, it is the bell within the clock that is called Big Ben. It is synonymous with London and Parliament, and dings 12 times every hour on the hour.

  • Buckingham palace

The queens unofficial home and centre of state occasions and events in London. When the Queen is home, the flags are raised to notify everyone.  come for a tour of the public premises and watch the changing of the guard from April to July, on alternate days at 11.30am. It’s a colourful spectacle and lasts around 45 mins

  • Hampton court palace

A few miles outside of London is Hampton court palace, once home to King Henry VIII.

  • Tower of London tower-of-london

Visit where the Queen keeps her most precious jewels and gold. once a gory place for beheadings is now a top notch fortress. Enjoy a spooky night tour too around the gory history.

  • Warwick castle

built by William the conqueror in 1068, next to the river Avon. today there is a fun interactive village surrounding Warwick castle and its history. Its a great fun time for the family, with plays, history tours, re-enactments, gift shops and accommodation.

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How to clear dangerous waste safely

This article is provided by http://vonviljunk.co.uk

It is British Law and a legal requirement to have certain waste removed correctly

Hazardous waste produced by business needs to be removed safely from the premises in order for it not to be a danger to co-workers, animals or the general public. It is also important that the environment is not damaged from carelessness.

Things that are considered hazardous or harmful to heath are things like chemicals, oil (non-edible), pesticides and car batteries. Also things like fridges and gas canisters will need specialist removal.

It is most likely that you will need a rubbish removal firm to take care of this for you and dispose of in a safe and environmentally manner which will give you peace of mind.

A waste removal company would have the correct staff that are trained with the appropriate clothing (PPE) and most important licensed to dispose of any material you wish to clear.

It is very important not to attempt to cut corners and attempt to do this yourself. You will be putting your health at risk and may face prosecution if caught.

So in conclusion, research online by searching for hazardous waste removal London or something in for a reputable company to help you. One that is fully licenced, or you may want to seek recommendations from fellow business owners who has had a good experience in the past.


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London Travel and Accommodation – Choosing Good Hotels in London

Choosing a good hotel to stay in while in London is the first step towards ensuring you’ll enjoy your stay here. Therefore, if you plan to travel to London in the near future, it will be better if you identified a good hotel to put up in. This article seeks to offer tips on things you need to do, in order to get the right hotel in London to stay in;

  1. Research

Research is important if you are to find a good hotel in London to stay. When you research, you get information that will empower you to make the right decisions. It is important, therefore, to focus on the locality of various hotels, the services offered and charges.

  1. Look at the reputation

You are definitely not the first customer to choose a particular hotel; there are many clients who have tried its services before. The way these clients have rated its services is enough to help you make decisions. If a hotel has been rated poorly, don’t trust it. Only trust hotels which have been rated positively by previous clients.

  1. Look at the customer care service

You will need some assistance when staying in a hotel. You may also need information about a hotel before booking for its services. Hotels that don’t have good customer care services are never recommendable. Rather, you should trust hotels that have good customer care services. Such hotels will be there for you whenever you’re stuck; whether you need to have something clarified, your room modified, whether a complaint, etc.

  1. Look at the facilities

Now that you are going to pay for your stay at the preferred Hotel, you should enjoy good facilities. You should put this into consideration, therefore, when choosing a hotel to trust. A good hotel ought to have modern facilities. Such a hotel has invested in facilities that many clients of the current generation need. Such facilities include Free internet commonly called Wi Fi.

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Lewisham Islamic Community Activities

The Lewisham Islamic Centre is based at 363-365 Lewisham High St, London SE13 6NZ South London and is open daily for Prayers and many social activities.

You can also contact them by telephone on 020 8690 5090

The centre provides a host of activities for people of all ages and you can get a full plan of the time table by visiting the official website.

Activities include, Prayer, Ladies fitness classes, a Scouts group, self-defence, Girls youth club, Mother & Toddler’s Group and an Intensive Arabic Language Programme Book.

The centre also arrange many family fun days and you can view the video below!

There is also a football team and you can visit the soccer team’s official soccer club Linkedin page on the following link.


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Choosing the Right Rubbish Clearance Company

There are many companies that offer rubbish clearance services. However, this is not to say that all of them offer effective services, or that you should trust them that fast. In this regard, it is prudent that you take time to conduct a bit of research in order to come up with the right company. Having the right rubbish clearance company will not just get the job done effectively, it will also give you value for your money. Below are some fundamental questions you must always ask yourself;

  • Has the company been licensed by the relevant authorities?
  • Are the collection and disposal staff members of the company well trained and qualified or conversant with various waste management techniques?
  • Does the company have sufficient and well maintained equipment for the collection, transportation and disposal of the rubbish from a residence?
  • Are the prices offered by the company competitive and affordable? The pricing of such services may vary hence it is important to ensure that one looks to hire a company that is well within their means.
  • Does the company offer a flexible waste collection routine to accommodate persons with busy schedules?
  • Does the company dispose of the rubbish in environmentally friendly means?
  • Does the company have a responsive and helpful customer service employee or system?
  • Does the company have a viable refund policy in case services are not delivered as they were agreed upon?
  • Does the company offer advice on how to separate rubbish in homes for easier classification hence making the process of disposal easier?


The above questions should always be your guiding factors any time you are searching for the right rubbish clearance company. Don’t be fooled or enticed by empty words; if a company doesn’t meet the above qualities, then chances are that they will do a shoddy job.

See Manor Clearance https://www.manorclearance.co.uk/ for more details.

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